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This website is built in wordpress usign the free framework, and a custom theme created by our developers

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This site was built with Material design for bootstrap 4, using the simpler toolr that this framewrok can offer, with some tweeks created by our developers.

Creator Team

This website created by GCoronado5100 is one of several dedicated to real companies on Venezuela and the world, As creator, I declare that all the info shown on this website is real, cause i went to the place and take te enterviews to create the whole content

About the pictures

The pictures shown in our gallery were taken in the office of Silva Shipping Agency and we declare that all of them are of our property, taken with a Nikon D5100 with kit lens.

Special credits

Other reference images shown in this website were taken from Pixabay, in order to be responsible with their privacy terms, we are going to gie the credit to the following users, owner of some images created by them: