Silva Shipping Agency

25 years Serving as the best Shipping Agency.

SILVA SHIPPING AGENCY, C.A., is a commercial society founded on may 20th of 1994 by its president Clement Silva, who by the time already had 20 years of experience in the business. Our Main goal is the shipping agency, based on the venezuelan laws that rules the matter; Representing every kind of vessels that are docked or anchored into the jurisdiction of the port captaincy of Guayana City or another port available in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

The shipping agency is basicly fulfill the formal duties of our clients before organizations that rules the shipping activities, that i to say, the National institute of Canalization, the port Captaincy, the hidrography and Navigation coordinator office, the Natioanl Service integrated of custom and tributes, and others.


Provide a complete shipping service and timely, with high queality and immediate atention, which porpouse will be fulfill our customers needs, securing reliable relationships in long terms.


Become the shipping company leader in Venezuela, both regional and national, recognized by its attention capacity, high quality standar and, of course, commintment to our clients.