S & S Orinoco Aviation, C.A. Is a commercial society since march of 2005 as part of the SILVA GROUP. The aerial works are motivated by the need to offer to all the vessels that sail through the Orinoco River Channel, a helicopter service that is fast and reliable confiable to their needs in maritime operations and boarding of the pillots, traslado de personal técnico, visita de autoridades, inspections, as well as, overflights, filminng and aerial shots if ared required.

Our operational headquarter and manteinance workshop are located in the hangars 09C, 10C and 11C at the Aeroclub Caroni into the Manuel Piar Airport on Guayana City, Bolivar State – Venezuela.

S&S Orinoco Aviation


Fulfill the needs of the speciallized services of aerial transportation with helicopters, Offering advisory int the navigation of the different vessels that comes in and out through the Orinoco River, as well as, the transportation of passenger and technical personal to the inspection duties and sourvillance on the Bolivar State and Delta Amacuro state.


Be the first company of technical services in aerial transportation of the country, through preventive procedures in operative safety matters, mitigating risks, satisfying the needs of our crew, and developing effective human process according to the global needs of our environment.


Seek for the control and maintenance of our aerial ops. Preventing and minimizing the risks to protect the people and our goods, coadyuvando el contributing with the fulfillment of the politics of the company with tightly attatched to the aeronautics laws, with and effective management and a human resource highly qualified and identified with the institution.